Supporting Your Through a Pandemic

Assuring safety in training and the workplace is our top priority. We have provisions in place and are committed to supporting and enabling our training partners to deliver Green Seal Certified Training curricula while complying with jurisdictional legislation regarding Covid-19.

In-person courses that require proximity of less than 6 ft and / or shared equipment for competency activities have been adapted or will be identified as provisional. Due diligence and / or competencies will be scheduled for future date.

Training partners that offer in-person courses are required to provide copy of SOP for classroom management, check lists and participant waivers that ensure due diligence and jurisdictional compliance during the pandemic.

Live, online training sessions conducted by qualified instructors are available for many of our courses. These courses are engaging and highly interactive. A digital copy of the curricula, test, and certificates are provided. Online training is the preferred method of delivery to ensure safety, well-being, and compliance and fulfils all jurisdictional requirements in Canada while meeting the needs of workers and employers.

This format has been well received and embraced by our training partners and a number of their clients.