About Us

Green Seal Certified Safety Courses

Green Seal Certified Safety Courses (GSCSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Citi Consulting Ltd., was incorporated in June 2009. Our business platform and contractual agreement with our training partners are as unique in the safety training industry as our curricula. Green Seal Certified Safety Courses Instructors have taught thousands of workers since incorporation.

To quote one GSCSC instructor “whatever touches our eyes and reaches our ears is our business”. Our product is innovative, impactful and forward thinking as is evident of invitation to present on two platforms at the 2013 Gas & Oil Expo regarding safety culture, affiliation with the Canadian Society of Safety of Engineers, the strong endorsement from EnCana for Gas Detection & Control material, placing as a finalist in General Industry Provider at the 2015 Canada Oil & Gas Awards, being selected as finalists in Health & Safety as well as Community Engagement for the 2016 Global Petroleum Awards and placing as finalists again for Health & Safety in 2017. Our beliefs, commitment and vision for best practice, due diligence and safety culture are affecting positive change.

CITI Consulting Ltd.

Green Seal Certified Safety Courses is a division of CITI Consulting Ltd.

In May 2009, CITI Consulting Ltd. started as the company with which Clifford and Tanya’s instructorship and course development began; his in the petroleum and construction industries and hers in the non-profit volunteer training realm. Certified Institute for Training Instructors, Constructive Instructor Training Institute, Certified Instructor Training Initiative … many names were tossed around but finally, Certified Instructor Training Institute was chosen for its visionary goal. It quickly became shortened to CITI Consulting Ltd. for fluidity of speech and writing.

In the process of identifying and choosing branding that would have impact, relevance and be readily identifiable, it became apparent that the standard with which we hold ourselves and the vision for being the standard of excellence as providers, was a suitable identifier and name. As there is red seal recognition for journeyman programs, gold seal for excellence, we considered a green seal. Green represents newness, youth, growth, workers, safety and moving forward. With this, the brand name and identity was set. We were amazed that there was no trademark claim to a green circular seal. The registered trademark application was finalized December 15, 2014.

Both CITI Consulting and Green Seal Certified Safety Courses grew from the realization that there was and is an opportunity to develop training curricula that offers support and development of instructorship and a curricula platform which provides consistent review and cohesion, best practice regardless of province and territory. Courses are developed and reviewed in conjunction with industry leaders for advances in technology, practices and standards. Instructor and training partner relationships are as vital to our success as our commitment to them is to theirs.


Clifford A. Fix


Clifford’s depth of experience ranges from being top of class insurance and RRSP sales person, Red Seal Inter-Provincial Journeyman Automotive Mechanic Electronic Technician to Project and Administration Manager for petroleum construction overseas. Critical attention to detail and design, ability to research and be knowledgeable of laws of the country his people were working in, the country for which the business contract was from and ensure the team knew the expectations and ramifications, create and submit bid proposals for projects of varying scale as well as identify, build and maintained excellent business relationships with customers and suppliers by aligning their needs and desires with the goals of the companies he represented are skills he has harnessed in developing CITI Consulting Ltd. and Green Seal Certified Safety Courses.

Clifford’s vision for Green Seal Certified Safety Courses: to be curricula provider that offers comprehensive materials that are engaging and supports instructors and training providers for successful delivery to the end user well every course, every day. Learning can be fun and effective. For Clifford it’s about making a difference in attitudes, values, culture and competencies so every course participant can go home safely at the end of the day.

Tanya Fix

Quality Control Manager

Tanya has always enjoyed leading dynamic workshops that utilize all learning styles and is passionate about impacting society. She provided free in-services for the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada for nearly 10 years and was the first Edmonton Chapter President (while living in Valleyview, AB). Tanya provided workshops and intervention/ prevention clinics to Katimavik participants in northern Alberta that focused on personal development, relationship building, and group dynamics. She was also involved with the implementation of Family Supports for Children with Disabilities and sat on the Provincial Parent Advisory Committee which assisted with the awareness of the FSCD department and implementation of the Act in 2000.

Tanya is dedicated to the finer details that her position requires and the success of instructors and training partners – a great use of her skills and obsessive compulsive tendencies. When facilitating Instructor Training and assisting new instructors with courses, you’ll frequently find her scrapbook supplies tucked in with course materials and evidence on her hands. The courses she enjoys instructing most: WHMIS & TDG… yes, really!

Ben Jones

Data Entry

Ben’s focus is on ensuring the accuracy of all course materials sent and received. He is appreciative of the effort training partners make to provide legible rosters/ lists and due diligence materials. Ben’s dedication to detail has improved our accuracy of certificates and filing processes since he came on board nearly two years ago. You will seldom talk to Ben directly; by nature, he’s a bit reticent, but his heart is large and genuine and his humour and smile is too.

Ben enjoys online gaming and events, card and board games, camping, fishing and hibernating in the winter.