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“They went above and beyond with my custom materials! Thanks again!”

Marcus A.

“Green Seal is 100% behind their Instructors 24/7 and recognize those who contribute with written and verbal thanks, reference to others and for significant curricula impact with certificates of recognition.

When they say they “grow with, because of and for their training partners”, they mean it.

The support I’ve received about course questions and changes I’ve requested are discussed and frequently implemented. That makes a person feel pretty darn good.”

Daphne Budgell, Owner Operator

“I am writing this letter as a recommendation to others that are pursuing instructional capabilities in the field of health and safety, to have every confidence in the curriculum and materials produced and facilitated by the team at Green Seal.

The research done in order to fabricate these courses is impeccable. Not only do their materials meet all legislated standards across Canada they go a step beyond. These courses not only meet all jurisdictional requirements, industry best practice has been incorporated into them. The Green Seal team has set the benchmark.

Earlier this year I participated in the Green Seal Instructor Training Program. Clifford Fix was my instructor for this week-long course. I found Clifford to be engaging and very astute, both in mind and instructional capabilities. It was there that I became familiar with the curriculums Green Seal has to offer for their courses.

Having been an instructor myself for some years, it was easy for me to compare the course materials to that of other organizations and draw my own conclusions. All of the student’s reference materials are high quality. All of them are indexed and easily cross-referenced. The visual displays are interesting and serve to keep the participants mind on task. All of the materials are definitely student friendly and lend ease of learning to all who participate.

In comparison to other courses I have instructed, one thing definitely stand out in my mind and that is the fact that the Green Seal courses have a smooth flow to them. Nowhere do they seem disjointed or awkward. For those that in the future will be participating in them, they have been developed in such a fashion that they ensure that the knowledge and skill sets needed in the field are covered and delivered.

I highly recommend Green Seal Certified Safety Courses to any organization or individual that has a requirement for training in the field of health and safety.”

Laurie Andrew Bell, CHSEP

“Green Seal benefits One Stop Rentals/Sales Ltd. with their effective and enjoyable training courses. Green Seal has allowed me, as a training coordinator, to provide operator safety training certification for the use of heavy machinery within and outside our company. We can always count on Green Seal to communicate in a timely manner. They go above and beyond and are proficient in processing paperwork. I highly recommend Green Seal to those with a requirement for safety training.”

Parker Maxwell, Copper Equipment Rentals


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