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Green Seal Certified Safety Courses is a wholly owned subsidiary of Certified Instructor Training Institute (CITI Consulting Ltd) which was founded in 2009.

With a greater number of companies operating nationally and internationally, we saw the need and have developed a uniform safety training curriculum and delivery framework that can operate consistently in any jurisdiction.

To achieve this objective, we created world class courses that exceed local training requirements. Our courses are effective because we made them fun and engaging for participants.

CITI Consulting and Green Seal Certified Safety Courses facilitates world-class safety training programs through a network of certified trainers. Our network of instructors has trained thousands of workers and received broad acceptance, industry accolades and acceptance for our curricula and exceptional train-the-trainer programming.

Over 30 Years
Industry Experience

Over 30 Years Industry Experience

Mission Statement

To provide a complete system for instructors to deliver world class learning experiences that cultivate safety culture.

Our Values

People, Respect, Learning and Safety

Our Team


Chief Operating Officer

Clifford is the Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Green Seal Certified Safety Courses.

Clifford’s started his career as a Red Seal Inter-Provincial Journeyman mechanic specialized as an electronic technician, and then in project management and administration. He worked primarily within the Petroleum and Construction industries at home in Canada and abroad. Safety was and is a core aspect and belief of his work. Clifford’s industry experience spans more than 30 years.

As a dyslexic and a parent of children with learning challenges, Clifford was always interested in finding ways to help people learn. He decided to bring his two interests together and founded Green Seal Certified Safety Courses.

Clifford is committed to helping instructors move beyond the basic curriculum, to engage and reach people. He works to help instructors take on the mission of instilling safety into people’s lives and corporate culture.



Tanya is the President of Green Seal Certified Safety Courses. Her primary role is to train and support the network of instructors and training partners.

Prior to Green Seal, Tanya worked for many years with Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (first Edmonton Chapter President) as well as Programs Provider for Katimavik. During her tenure with Katimavik, she delivered workshops and intervention / prevention clinics to participants in northern Alberta.

As a parent of special needs children, Tanya was also involved in the implementation of Alberta Family Supports for Children with Disabilities and sat on the Provincial and Regional Parent Advisory Committee.

Throughout life, she has always been a motivated problem solver. Since joining Green Seal ten years ago, Tanya has worked tirelessly to ensure different learning styles and language barriers are addressed in the courses we provide and advocates for the safety culture of every workplace, home, and community in a positive way.


Data and Quality Control

Ben’s dedicated to precise record keeping and file management. He’s focused on the accuracy and entirety of all course and participant materials sent to and received by training partners. Ben appreciates our training partner’s continuity and compliance with policy and procedure. In his off-work time, he is an avid gamer and has a virtual following.


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