Online Train-The-Trainer Classes Available

Interested in delivering Green Seal Safety Courses online or in-person? We work with three types of specific safety trainers.

  • Independent Trainers – to certify and help deliver a mix of training courses.

  • Training Companies – who want to focus on clients and program delivery versus content creation.

  • Corporate Trainers – to setup, deliver and administer in-house training programs.

NOTE: We have provisions in place to train, support and enable incoming training partners to deliver curricula while complying with jurisdictional legislation regarding Covid-19.

How It Works

We are passionate about the delivery of safety training! This is why have a five-step qualification process for anyone wishing to become part of our exceptional network of training partners. From an initial application and interview to instructor training, our approach has proven to be one of the best in the business.

How to Become One of Our Exceptional Training Partners

Once you are accepted as a valued safety training partner, you can choose one of our train-the-trainer packages.

Regardless of the level you choose, we grow with, because of, and for our training partners. It’s not unusual for our training partners to start with just a few (accredited) courses and move up. There’s no difference in how we serve, but depending on the natural grouping you are in, there are some discount benefits.

Green Seal Training Levels


Instructors deliver 1 to 4 GSCSC curricula


Instructors deliver 5 to 8 GSCSC curricula


Instructors deliver 9 or more GSCSC curricula


Instructors are PREMIER and teach 25+ of an individual course in a one-year period.

It is important to note that each training level requires instructors to possess a minimum student level in three CORE courses (Hazard Assessment, WHMIS and Transportation of Dangerous Goods GHS).

Each instructor package provides access to our special Training Platform Hosting.


In Becoming A Green Seal
Certified Trainer?

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